Color Swatch ‘The Wave, Arizona, USA’


21 color palette designed for use in Photoshop named ‘The Wave’, from Arizona, USA.


I’ve been seeing a lot of swatches for ProCreate (an app for the iPad only) on Pinterest being sold on Etsy for anywhere between $1.00 and as much as $4.00 for a 30 swatch palette. Seriously? I understand that it takes TIME to create the palette in the program, then time to save the palette, make the picture to show the colors, make the zip and come up with this description to put it on a store. Some Photoshop artists have told me that swatches are a waste of time for them because they’ll just open the color picker and find the perfect color for what they’re working on. Others have told me swatches are awesome as they help put specific shades together for their project. Personally, I just think the colors go good together for whatever you’re working on! I was so inspired by what these ProCreate users where making, that I decided to expand their idea to swatches for Photoshop.

The zip file is simple. It includes a read me with the hex code for the colors included as well as simple instructions on installing; the .aco file for Photoshop; and the .jpg showing the colors in the swatch. As for licensing? Please! I don’t care if you use them personally or professionally, I just hope they help you. There is no copyright from or by me as anyone can put together the colors on their own if they took the time, I’m just wanting to make things a little easier on your creative flow. And I really could care less if you turn around and redistribute the file for a higher price, as I believe Karma will give you what you deserve for your choices and actions. Simple as that. I don’t even charge for my swatches because I know how difficult it is for aspiring artists to pay for so many good ideas that help them create future masterpieces!