Welcome to The Garden of Dreams!

Please take your time looking around. There is a plethora of items here for your enjoyment, both digital and physical, with more coming soon!!

It has taken me a while to figure out what to say here as I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary information, but still want to tell you what’s in the store… So, at the risk of boring y’all, here we go!

The Digital Downloads...

I am constantly working on new ideas and learning how to do new things in Photoshop so I can create new pieces to share with y’all.

My latest Photoshop passion is collecting brushes and trying to find ways to use awesome shapes and pictures to create beautiful and interesting printable stationary for your enjoyment. Yeah, I know, in this day and age, there is hardly a need for printable stationary because no one likes to hand write letters anymore, everyone uses email (even my 80+ year old Dad!) these days. It’s still fun to create to share!

I’m also into working with Bullet Journals, or BuJo’s. I love creating layouts and pages to use for scheduling my time or tracking my moods and what I eat (as I fail at losing weight!), though I have a difficult time keeping up with them!

I also create notebook dividers. I have several sets of recipe book dividers, every category you can think of so you can pick and choose which ones you want to use. If I’ve forgotten anything, or there is something you like to use that I haven’t thought of, drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to make it for you! I only have 1 design up at the moment, however, more are coming soon! I can’t put everything up all at once!

And as a friend recently reminded me – when he asked where I got the templates for the stationary and dividers – I have stickers I need to add to the store! I have to check legality on a few things first, but will be adding what I legally can soon!

If you cannot find what you are looking for, drop me a line and let me know. If I haven’t made it already, and it is something within my abilities, I just might make it special for you! Also, some items that are coming up will have the possibility of being customized, for a small fee.

A quick note about the Photoshop color swatches...

So, there’s this new app around called ProCreate for the iPad. I’ve been seeing a lot of swatches for it on Pinterest, links to items being sold on Etsy for anywhere between $1.00 for a 7 color swatch and as much as $4.00 for a 30 swatch palette. Seriously? I understand that it takes TIME to create the palette in the program, then time to save the palette, make the picture to show the colors, make the zip and come up with this description to put it on a store. I was so inspired by what these ProCreate users where making, that I decided to expand their idea to swatches for Photoshop.

Some Photoshop artists have told me that swatches are a waste of time for them because they’ll just open the color picker and find the perfect color for what they’re working on. Others have told me swatches are awesome as they help put specific shades together for their project. Personally, I just think the colors go good together for whatever you’re working on!

There are a plethora of places to acquire free swatches, brushes and other resources for Photoshop, so I’m not expecting my collection to be very popular. All the same, I hope those that do download and use them find them helpful in some form or fashion and you enjoy them! Please create something wonderful with them and let me know if they helped, that’s all I ask.

The zip file is simple. It includes a readme.txt file with the hex code for the colors included as well as simple instructions on installing; the .aco file for Photoshop; and the .jpg showing the colors in the swatch, which is used here on the store to show you the swatch. As for licensing… Please! I don’t care if you use them personally or professionally, I just hope they help you be creative. There is no copyright from or by me as anyone can put together the colors on their own if they took the time, I’m just wanting to make things a little easier on your creative flow. Maybe the swatch will inspire you to use it to create something beautiful and wonderful to share with the rest of the world!

And I really could care less if you turn around and redistribute the file for a higher price, as I believe Karma will give you what you deserve for your choices and actions. Simple as that. I don’t even charge for my swatches because I know how difficult it is for aspiring artists to pay for so many good ideas that help them create future masterpieces! Besides, there’s always going to be someone out there who wants it bad enough to just copy the picture, open it in Photoshop, or whatever other program or app, and make their own version of the swatch.

And the physical stuff...

Now, if I’m not on the computer, I’m usually in the craft room making jewelry of some kind. A lot of it is here on the store. I try not to add everything all at once, usually about a dozen pieces at a time, with additions sometimes being made a couple times a week.

Most of the jewelry at the moment is made from beads and jewelry wire. I have been experimenting with several other mediums recently and can’t wait to have some of those good enough to share with y’all! Some will be with polymer clay, or homemade air dry clay. These will include paint in some form or fashion, whether mixed in with the clay, or painted over it. I also have a 3d printer and have been finding a LOT of models for earring pieces to print. I’m going back through them to see what I can legally sell without getting into trouble and will be adding those to the store eventually.

I’m also slowly getting into working with resin. I have been experimenting with small pieces, most of which is no where near good enough to put up here for sale, however I have discovered that I really enjoy working with the resin and getting creative with colors and designs. Now, the delay in this is that resin fumes are NOT good for the respiratory system, so until I can afford a proper workroom – or at least figure out where I can work in the house that has good ventilation – and a good mask, this will be coming further down the line. I am collecting awesome and cute molds for making beautiful pieces for more jewelry, as well as material to use for coloring and decorating pieces!

There are a lot of pieces that are better suited for the younger generations, however, as I grow as an artist, I try to make more for the – as my Mother likes to say – older, classier generations. I’m always looking at new ideas to try, and some of those better looking experiments turn up here! You never know what I’ll come up with, so keep checking back!

Also, on the subject of resin, I will be making full sets of gaming dice! I’ve asked several of my gaming friends if they would be interested and the responses have been very encouraging! I was recently gifted a huge collection of fabric. I have been on the fence about using some of it to make dice bags. Drop me a line and let me know!

And if you like what you see, even if you can’t afford to buy now (I understand this quite well with the economy the way it is right now), please tell your friends! My best advertising is word-of-mouth!

Please note: All jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind, original creations, thus having only 1 in stock to sell.