OH!!!  Hi!!

Thank you so much for visiting my little shop.  I have recently moved the store and am going a little slower with adding new products.  I have so much to add at the moment that it is taking me a minute to get all the new descriptions written and pictures taken.  So, if you don’t see anything you like at the moment, please take the time to bookmark the shop and check back in a few days.

The shop will eventually have a wide variety of things up, from digital downloads of stationary, Photoshop color swatches, printable planner pages and stickers, to all kinds of jewelry and other little trinkets.  At the moment, my jewelry creations include beaded earrings, Kumihimo bracelets and necklaces, keychains, and zipper pulls.  I also have a few roach clips (very popular in states where weed is legal!) and am working on more.  Resin creations currently include trinket boxes and rune sets, and will be expanding as I get molds and supplies, and requests! There will also be some 3D printed items, including stencils, texture plates and a plethora of shaped cutters for clay.

Please feel free to look around.  I will try to add new items on a daily basis, though to be fair and honestly, sometimes it might be a few days depending on what else I have happening in my life.

And for those who are wondering how I can offer my 3D printed clay cutters – and a lot of my items – for such a lower price than most others: This is not an Etsy shop, therefore I have a much, MUCH lower overhead.